About Fgolfclub.com

The Fgolfclub.com golf tournaments are born out of passion for sport and luxury. In the past two decades, we took part in many golf tournaments organized in Europe and the North America. Only a handful of them represented a remarkable combination of challenging sport competition, interesting playing partners, gourmet food and luxury sponsors. In search of this perfect balance of sport endeavors, competitive spirit, world famous car driving experience, renowned watch brands and hotels, outstanding gourmet food and spirits we used our a quarter-of-a-century event management experience to bring into life this exclusive tournament concept.

Long-term fruitful cooperation with leading Swiss and international brands produced an extraordinary array of prizes and draws, which will crown an extraordinary performance of the winners or become an unexpected pleasant impetus for future achievements of the lucky ones. Our sponsors and partners do their best to welcome you in this exclusive atmosphere and give you a privileged access to discover and enjoy these renowned products. Gourmet reception and dinner follow up to these high-end golf tournaments will complement your memorable souvenirs, forge new friendships and contacts with your fellow golfers in the idyllic setting of Switzerland.

Oscar Wilde's quote "I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best" – fully reflects the spirit and the aim of our events. We look forward to welcoming you at our next golf tournaments and award ceremonies.